Stamps before 1847, Well most stamp collectors who collect in the United States “thinks” that stamps came out in 1847 but they did not they came out before. Daniel Webster, a U.S Senator, Learned about the English Postal reforms. Well he brought up to the senate to adopt the British postal reforms in America. Most Americans¬† did not hear about these reforms so they went with it anyway. On Feburary 1st 1842, The first stamps came out but not from the U.S.P.O but from the “City Dispatch Services”. These stamps were issued in New York City they were called provisional issue stamps. The City Dispatch Services was founded by Henry Thomas Windsor who was a British merchant. The company was the first to make Mailboxes and place them around a city. Months later Windsor sold his company to the United States Government. Which they renamed the company to “United States City Dispatch Post”. Many other provisional stamps were issued.

“Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them.”

-James Fallows

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