What is so Important about Stamp Collecting? Before I begin about Stamp collecting, here  is  a little about me, I am a somewhat average teenager. I am a Stamp collector which this is about So, I have been collecting for about 3 to 4 years. Now about Stamp Collecting, Stamp collecting is the third most popular hobby next to coin collecting. Stamp Colleting has many people who collect, over 2 million people worldwide collects stamps. Why is this important to you is because lets say you from the United states like me, Stamps payed an important role in history during World war two they helped to pay for the war effort. Another reason is that there is so many diffrent events in history that you can learn from stamps.

I am making this blog, so that I can try to Influence people about collecting stamps and be aware of them and just learn. Like an ancient greek philospher said “Learning is the ideal to succse.”


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