Okay everyone, as you can tell I have been not been posting since, well I had a personal time…sorry for that. Anyway as you can read the title of this post, I am going to talk about a website I discovered about November of 2011. Stamp Bears is a forum, for your techie people Stamp Bears will be a great place for you. Okay before I start ranting on about this site. I want to say there are stamp collectors out there, whom do not use the Internet because they want to save the Post Office. Well you can still save the post office and use the Internet by using the forum. You see I have been reciving more mail from the Wonderful community at stamp bears than ever. Today I got three pieces of mail … Not all from Stamp Bears but from College and one from stamp bears and another well junk.

Well to put this short just come and check out stamp bears. What you will gain out of it is:

  • Knowledge
  • A Growing Community more like a family… but less annoying
  • And Many Give ways

Okay here is the Link: Stamp Bears 

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  1. Bear says:

    Wow thank you Drew we are honored to have you as a member and to have you spread the word!!

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