Postcard- Casco Bay Fleet

Many islanders on the coast of Maine depend on the Casco Bay Fleet, located in Portland. The fleet is owned by the Casco Bay Lines. Over a 1,000 trips back and forth proceed through out the year. The fleet began as the Casco Bay Steamboat Company in 1878, In 1907 another fleet the Harpswell Steamboat Company combined, to form the Casco Bay and Harpswell steamboat Company. In 1919, the company shut down because of World War One. A much smaller Company was formed in that following year, the Casco Bay Lines. Currently the fleet consists of five ships, the combine total of all ships these companys own were 27. The Fleet once was held at the Custom House Whraf and since 1980s it changed to the Maine State Pier.

Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.
– Robert N. Rose


Postcard- Lost River

Down deep in the woods in New Hampishire, flows a smoothing stream. Located a small town of North Woodstock, It begins in Kinsman Notch, and passes along the white mountains. Then it flows through Lost River Gorge, Where there are many Exciting caves to explore, which was formed by the last ice age. The name of the Stream, Lost Rivers, comes by how the river goes underground.

Postcard- Greetings From Portland Maine

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow grew up in a house in Portland Maine, He and his family of three generations grew up there. General Peleg Wadsworth built the house in 1786. In 1895 it became part of the Maine Historical Society. It is now the oldest Surviving Structure on the Portland Pennisula.

Deerings Oak Pond was once filled and drained the Ocean tides, It once was connected to the Black Cove in Portland. Now it is Part of the Deerings Oak Park. Where a Battle over Portland took place on September 1689 during the French and Indian wars.

Portland Headlight is one of the most Photograhed Lighthouse not just the country but the World. It is located In Cape Elisbeth Maine.


Greetings From Portland

Postcards- Old Mount

In a small town in New Hampshire, Lays a lake called Lake Winnipsaukee. Since the American Revoulution, the lake was a major tourist destation, had many notable people spending time then and now. Some of the notable people are Prince Rainer and Drew Barrymore. The lake contains more than 250 islands, it takes 63 miles to travel all the around the lake. The Native american name for the lake, “Smile of the Great Spirit”. The Most reconised feature of this lake is the two steam ships.

The Old Mount or MS Mount Washington, was built in 1872, It was a total of 187 feet in length, She was built by the Boston and Maine Railroad Company. In one year it served 60,000 passangers, as the Automobile was becoming more and more popular, the MS mount Washington became less, which urged the Boston  and Railroad Company to sell her to a new captain. In 1939 a fire sprang aboured while at the dock and destroved the ship. In 1940 a local company built a second ship, it was a length of 203 feet. Today the boat is still a popular ship to travel on.

“Our state’s beautiful natural environment is part of why we all love and live in New Hampshire. It is also one of our state’s most important economic assets.”
John Lynch

Old Mount

Post 2- Penny Black, Red Penny

To learn in history you must start at the beging and Stamps begins mostly on May 1st 1840 in the United Kingdom. Most people heard of Reformers like Horance Mann and Harriet Taylor but the Post office also had a reformer who was named Sir Rowland Hill. He created the First Postage Stamp, The Penny Black. Hill had a two year contarct with the British Government to see if this Idea would work, well it did. The Stamp, Penny Black was mainly all black and bears Queen Victoria. It also costed one penny and on the top of the stamp it has the word Postage on it. After a year this was so succesful reform they created one single stamp called the Penny Red which was  a issued in 1841 and stoped being issued in 1879. It changed from Black to red beacuse of the Cancleation was hard to see.

Now it’s time for the Daily Quote-  “What should I do? I think the best thing is to order a stamp with my face on it.” – Charles, Emperor of Austria 1882-1922 on learning of his accession to the throne.

Post 1- Introduction

What is so Important about Stamp Collecting? Before I begin about Stamp collecting, here  is  a little about me, I am a somewhat average teenager. I am a Stamp collector which this is about So, I have been collecting for about 3 to 4 years. Now about Stamp Collecting, Stamp collecting is the third most popular hobby next to coin collecting. Stamp Colleting has many people who collect, over 2 million people worldwide collects stamps. Why is this important to you is because lets say you from the United states like me, Stamps payed an important role in history during World war two they helped to pay for the war effort. Another reason is that there is so many diffrent events in history that you can learn from stamps.

I am making this blog, so that I can try to Influence people about collecting stamps and be aware of them and just learn. Like an ancient greek philospher said “Learning is the ideal to succse.”

Postcards- Portland Head Light

Portland headlight was built in 1791, which was ordered by George Washington,  at this time Portland , Maine was owned by Massachusettes. It was built by Jonathen Bryant and John Nichols who was from Portland. George Washington gave these Masons four years to build the Lighthouse, They built the Lighthouse tower 58 feet till the ships could not notich the light from the south, So they raised it twenty more feet. The Keepers house was built in 1891, wich still stands today. Currently the Town of Cape Elizebeth owns the Keepers house, while the lighthouse is owned by the U.S Coast Guard.

Portland Headlight

Portland Headlight, Portland, Maine

“I got to tell you, Maine was pretty good to both of us..”

Kennebec Journal 2012-03-30 20:23:00

Post 4- Provisional Stamps

Stamps before 1847, Well most stamp collectors who collect in the United States “thinks” that stamps came out in 1847 but they did not they came out before. Daniel Webster, a U.S Senator, Learned about the English Postal reforms. Well he brought up to the senate to adopt the British postal reforms in America. Most Americans  did not hear about these reforms so they went with it anyway. On Feburary 1st 1842, The first stamps came out but not from the U.S.P.O but from the “City Dispatch Services”. These stamps were issued in New York City they were called provisional issue stamps. The City Dispatch Services was founded by Henry Thomas Windsor who was a British merchant. The company was the first to make Mailboxes and place them around a city. Months later Windsor sold his company to the United States Government. Which they renamed the company to “United States City Dispatch Post”. Many other provisional stamps were issued.

“Always write angry letters to your enemies. Never mail them.”

-James Fallows

Post 3- Benjiman Franklin

Across the ocean in the americas we the United States during the american revolution the Americans granted a man called Benjiman Franklin as the First Postmaster General of The U.S.A, What so significte about this is that Great Britian before the Revolution did not allow Public mail to go through, atleast Cheeply. So when the U.S was founded they made sure public Mail is a right as a Citizen, but the American people felt like they did not need to put this into the bill of rights so we have it in most of our state constitutions. They Elected Benjiman Franklin to be in charge of all postage and mail delived within and out of the new nation.

Now it is time for the quote.

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.”
-Josh Billings